Patch notes

(Updated 3/23 4:00pm PST) Version: 1.13

Patch notes will appear here with each new version. To download the latest version, just follow the download link you received after first purchasing the Big Board.

2017 Patch Notes:

- Updated projections 3/23
- Added CloserMonkey's roles to RP Notes section
- Default projection is now the '17 Steacotaps mix
- ESPN ADP/AAVs finally have arrived!
- Updated projections 3/8
- Updated projections 3/1
- Added the newly-available (via FanGraphs) "ATC" projections
- Added BSV, HBP, BAA, SHO as categories
- Added pre-inflation, which allows auction drafters to correct values to more accurately reflect real auction prices
- Updated all custom projections for maximum accuracy! 2/22
- ZiPS is released! Added and updated all projection systems 2/22
- Added a flat 600PA, 200IP (65IP for relievers…) option under the Playing Time projections
- "Draft!" button now includes a box to enter the price a player was auctioned for (if you're in an auction draft!)
- MLB team is now a displayable column in the BigBoard sheet (select dropdown from Pos.Rank column header)
- 'Draft!' button added to Best Remaining and Seach&Roster pages
- You can now enter the pick each team has in the draft, if you're in a snake draft
- 'Import' updated to include newly added features and will now include any players you've added
- Updated projections/rankings (2/14)
- PECOTA projections added (2/7)
- "Draft!" button now auto-updates the Team box (based on snake order of teams in your Standings page)
- "Draft!" boxes will now auto-complete as you type in them, and should be faster
- Added team PA/team IP to the Standings page
- Added 'Runs produced' category (R+RBI-HR)
- Updated calculations for replacement level. Should be much faster and prevent errors for overly-deep leagues!
- Added total Points display on main Board when in Points mode
- CBS, Yahoo, ESPN ranks are all live and added to the Board. FP, NFBC, Yahoo ADPs, Yahoo/CBS projected AVs are all live
- Added Team IP display to the Replacement Level calculation page
- Added About & tutorial page
- Updated tutorial to reflect the new features of the Board!
- Minor bug fixes found after initial release!